Hard Island may be the most one of a kind music holiday.

Can you imagine all your sleeping, partying and other needs taken care of? Just having a great time and partying hard? That is why we made packages.

Why book a package?

Let us give you three reasons: Party, Price and Peace of Mind.

Choosing a package = better party. You can hear beats louder and be at the right spot with VIP tickets. You can party harder on Boat parties - there’s going to be a lot of them. If you don't book a package, you’ll have to wait until April 1st if you’re lucky, both might be sold out by then.

A package is cheaper, do the math. It already includes a place to stay, a festival ticket and 24/7 support from our lovely staff. You also get discount for transfers. If you book separately it might seem cheaper, but once you do the math you’ll see that a package is simply a better deal.

Buying a package means peace of mind. We know the rooms we offer for booking. Our staff can help with everything. Book by yourself and it’s a gamble. Does it really have a working wi-fi? Does the shower actually work? Will there be linen? It’s a mystery.

By now you may be aware that packages are the best possible way to enjoy Hard Island. Get a package, pack your bags and you’re all set. The party is calling!

Here's what packages we got

What you can get with packages: VIP and SuperVIP tickets. Oh, and boat parties. They’re awesome. And 24/7 support from our staff. We’ll make sure you will be well looked after

Buy a package deal now

Get the best value for your money, the ultimate experience and save time of organising your holiday


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