Exclusive apartments

Exclusive packages with VIP tickets included are sold out, but you can still get the best quality apartments in combination with regular tickets or SuperVIP option. Treat yourself well.

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What you get

Fabulous accommodation

Spend your holiday in a beautiful spacious apartment with a hard roof over your head and rest well on a comfortable bed

VIP festival bracelet

A VIP festival bracelet is included in your package. It will give you access to all days of the festival and the VIP area

Eligible for SuperVIP

Feeling special? You can upgrade your exclusive apartment package with SuperVIP and get the finest treatment

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Your apartment

Enjoy the extra comfort of a high-end accommodation during your entire stay at Hard Island. While other apartments might have expandable sofas, only beds are guaranteed in Exclusive apartments. Besides the modern design and plenty of space, exclusive apartment packages also come with a VIP festival ticket and option to upgrade with SuperVIP.

Travelling to Hard Island

Where ever you are coming from, your travel to Croatia will be pleasant and carefree. Airports are connected with all major European cities and well organised in the busy summer season. The road network of expressways and highways is modern and safe.

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Staying in Novalja

Your holiday starts when you leave home but when you arrive to Novalja that feeling will truly become real. Croatia is a country with breathtaking natural sights and rich cultural heritage. Island of Pag is known to have the longest coastline of all islands in Croatia so finding beautiful beaches nearby will be easy. Novalja is a traditional yet modern Mediterranean town and offers a wide range of shops, restaurants, bars and activities.

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from 349€ pp


  1. All apartment houses with the exclusive tag are newly built or renovated and offer maximum comfort for their guests. While Air Condition, WiFi and Parking are a must, many houses are equipped with swimming pools or jacuzzi tubs. The nicest properties are scarce and booked far in advance, so don’t hesitate to book early.


  1. N/A (we offer what is available depending on the inquiry details)


  1. N/A (we offer what is available depending on the inquiry details)


  1. VIP Festival ticket for 4 days of partying
  2. Stay in an exclusive apartment for 5, 7 or 10 nights
  3. A bottle of sparkling wine at check-in (1 per 5 persons in group)
  4. Equipped kitchen
  5. Private bathroom
  6. WiFi
  7. Air conditioning
  8. Parking
  9. Support 24/7


  1. 5 nights stay = 2. - 7. July 2017
  2. 7 nights stay = 1. - 8. July 2017
  3. 10 nights stay = 1. - 11. July 2017


  1. SuperVIP option
  2. Boat party
  3. Local bus


  1. Airport transfers • Request a private or shared transfer
  2. Extras listed above
  3. Food or drinks
  4. Any other services that are not under ‘included’


Why book a package?

  1. Quality accommodation for a guaranteed price
  2. Possibility to book boat parties
  3. Possiblity to book VIP tickets
  4. Get Support 24/7
  5. Overall pay less


Even though all our visitors deserve special treatment, only 100 of them will get to book the SuperVIP option. SuperVIP option is available only upon request, in combination with Exclusive apartments or Villas and for minimum 4 people. Along with all services included in the Exclusive apartment package, SuperVIP also includes:

  1. SuperVIP ticket with separate entrance and private parking
  2. Dedicated table for your group in the SuperVIP area every night of the festival
  3. Daily evening transfers apartment > festival & festival > apartment
  4. Comfort checkin and checkout (no waiting time, you go directly to the property)
  5. A bottle of sparkling wine every day of your stay (1 per 5 persons in group)
  6. Official Hard Island towel (1 per person in group)

To book the SuperVIP option please send an inquiry for Exclusive apartments and mention SuperVIP.

Getting around

The town of Novalja is well organised for transportation. Your most frequent local travel will be from the town to Zrce beach, where the festival takes place. Even though the distance is not very far, you want to come to the festival full of energy and not walk for 15 minutes after a full night of partying.

Local bus is the best option for you to move around the town and go to Zrce Beach. For only 20 EUR (5 days) or 25 EUR (7 days) you can get a bracelet for unlimited rides. We strongly recommend you add it to your package or buy it separate at a later time.

Alternatives to the local bus are taxis and renting a bicycle or scooter. Beware, if you will ride or drive a car, do not drink alcohol. We, just like the police, strongly disapprove drinking and driving. Besides risking the lives of yourself and others, you can get a hefty fine.


Novalja > Zrce Beach: 3.8 km

Minutes away from the nearest beach, shop, bar and/or restaurant, as well as a bus station where you can take the local bus to Zrce beach

Extra activities

Your holiday at Hard Island will, in addition to the fantastic musical experience, be full of adventures and summer activities. Even though you will be partying hard, don't forget you have travelled far away from to experience new and exciting things. Organise your activities upfront and make sure that you get plenty of rest.


  1. Go crazy with doing water sports
  2. Taste the delicious local food
  3. Attend a folk music concert or performance
  4. Play beach volley with your friends (or soccer, tennis, gym)
  5. Go for a walk in nature

Explore the surroundings

An adventurous spirit is inside you. Get inspired by the beautiful nature and sense the charm of the Adriatic. Explore all that the Island of Pag and Novalja area have to offer. Going to as many beaches as possible is a must, you will surely not regret visiting a museum or art exhibition, and there are countless other natural and cultural sights to visit.

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Even though photos show actual accommodations from our offer, they do not represent all accommodations. Due to high quantity of them in our offer we are unable to show pictures of all accommodations.


We received many emails and the interest for villas and exclusive apartments is huge. All inquiries are being processed on the ’first come, first served’ principle and handling of each takes time. After we send an offer to a customer, we have to communicate details and get final confirmation. We have already sent offers to the fastest inquiries and we are waiting for their confirmation. Then we move on to next inquiries…

Please send us all information requested in the inquiry form (exact number of people, relevant dates of stay etc.). Complete inquiries will be handled with priority. For each exclusive apartment we will send you an offer with general information, information about the location, photos of the accommodation and Super VIP option (for groups of 4+). After that you have 3 days to provide us with feedback or we move on to the next inquiry.

As you can see, the process is not simple and we will need some time to get back to you. We hope you understand. For sure we will not forget about your inquiry!
Exclusive apartment packages prices start from 349 EUR per person. The price is subject to length of stay, luxury of the exclusive apartment (e.g. with or without swimming pool) and number of people.
Suitable size is 2 persons or more (there is no upper limit). Exclusive apartments are much more suitable for smaller groups than villas and we therefore advise you to make an inquiry for them instead if you are with a smaller group.
Villa packages prices start from 449 EUR per person, but can also be higher than 1000 EUR per person. Even villas differ in luxury and size, making the price range quite wide. The price is also subject to length of stay.
Suitable size is 6 persons or more (there is no upper limit). You can of course book a villa as a smaller group, but be aware it might be more expensive.
Yes! In fact, we highly advise everyone to first book standard or premium accommodation. What you’ve already paid will be deducted from the total price of the offer, so send an inquiry and include the details of your existing order in it.
Every accommodation owner will present you the rules of their accommodation and collect a safety deposit before giving you the accommodation key. Safety deposit usually ranges from 30-50 EUR per person, but can be higher for luxurious accommodations (even 100-150 EUR per person) and will be returned to you before your departure, if you haven’t damaged the accommodation or equipment inside it. In other words - don’t break stuff or cause damage and keep everything clean as possible - everybody happy!
Every visitor must bring a copy of their personal ID or passport because apartment owners need to check in all their guests.

Ask for Tailor Made

Even though exclusive packages are sold out, you can still get the fancy accommodation with regular tickets or SuperVIP option. Tell us details about your wishes and we will send you an offer.

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