Radical Redemption

With an incredibly rapid rise to stardom, Radical Redemption is undoubtedly an artist who has made waves within the hard dance scene. Fresh signed to the Minus is More label in 2011 he decided to launch his first artist album, named “Annihilate”, in the beginning of 2012. Hard, pounding kicks, massive atmospheres, experimental sounds and energetic vocals define his style. The result, playing at all the big stages in Europe and overseas! In 2013, Radical Redemption shocked the scene with a new album (The Spell of Sin), a new live-act and a new story. Unseen, unheard and unequalled and a new milestone was achieved: entering the DJ MAG top 100 at spot #64 in 2014!

But the Radical is unstoppable, last year he launched his 3rd Artist album, The One Man Army, in the Heineken Music Hall Amsterdam. A solo event for over 5500 fans. A history writing night it was!

Experience yourself and be redeemed by the redefined act of life!!

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