Pulse Code

We are PULSE CODE, hardstyle DJs and music production duo and since we are new, we think it’s fair to introduce ourselves.
We are Simon and Gregor, we come from Slovenia.
Before we were duo and before we even met, we were both making music under names, Celt (Simon) and DigitalArt (Gregor). Celt is very experienced on our local hardstyle scene, while I, DigitalArt joined this community like a litte bit more than half a year ago (performance-wise/live DJing). We both put a lot of effort into this project, Simon built himself a studio, with a lot of professional equipment, which is a must! ..or let me put it this way, I (Gregor) have home studio, which is just very basic, 2 flat speakers and no room treatment, I do have professional headphones, BUT! Once you sit in studio with that much equipment and properly set acoustic material… It’s like a blind man seeing for the first time, new dimension opens up :)
So here we are… We both have the vision and we both have will to make music, together as a duo and together with all of you, we can hopefully paint a new dimension into your imagination ;)

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