Godfather of Russian Hardcore scene, Or-Beat has been spinning and producing for more than 20 years and still is Russia's Number One Hardcore artist.

In 1995, Or-Beat started a radio show and production company called Orbital Station. Over a short period of time, he has literally built one of the world's most incredible Hardcore scenes, based in Moscow Russia. Besides organizing hundreds of successful parties, Or-Beat brought his sound to many amazing events, playing gigs across the world from Baikal to Geneva Lake, from shores of Ontario to canals of Amsterdam.

Or-Beat partnered with Traxtorm and Neophyte Records crews to bring to Moscow such concepts as Hardcore Italia, This Is Hardcore, Brutale and Neophyte Records Tours. Orbital Station Hardcore Cruises on Moscow River and parties in a top-secret Soviet nuclear bunker organized by Or-Beat are among the most insane and unusual Hardcore events in the world.

With stomping tracks such as "Keep it Alive", "Fuck The Past" and "Winning" this Russian legend brings explosive energy and wicked atmosphere to any party.

Prepare yourself, the 'Beat' is coming!

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