Everyone will agree that Discorz (Josip Reponj) is known as most talented Croatian hard dance producer. He got in touch with hard dance music in his childhood but it never caught his ear until he heard of Noisecontrollers and instantly fall in love with hardstyle, no one could stop him in making banging kicks and gaining production skills. Waiting for the right moment, he never tasted flavours of spinning decks until now. Hard Island Festival is perfect opportunity to show his passion for harder styles on stage. His first release was EP with his brother Re-Jector and his tracks aren't unknown to Hard Island visitors. Last year Discorz made funny hardcore remix of one of the most popular Croatian folk singer called "Vuco - love and drinking". It got all social media portals attention after his brother Re-Jector played it on Hard Island. People saw it as a next step in Croatian hard dance scene. Get ready for this 20 year old youngster smashing the decks and making you move like never before.

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