Destructive Tendencies

Destructive Tendencies are a triple act from the UK who can turn their hand to any genre within the realm of the harder styles.
Ever since they formed in 2010 they had one goal... Conquering the European Hardcore scene.

In 5 short years their meteoric rise to the top has seen them signed to the world’s biggest agency for Harder Styles... “Most Wanted DJ”.
In this time they have released multiple number 1 hits through record label Hardcore Blasters and performed at hundreds of gigs around the world in countries such as The Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, and Australia.

In July of 2016, The world famous BBC Radio 1 recorded a feature documentary on the world’s most extreme festivals.
This was broadcast on National Radio in the UK and around the world digitally at prime time on a Wednesday evening.
The presenter and producer were so taken by the DT boys that the show was heavily featured around them and their performance!
It was a huge moment for the guys and for Hardcore worldwide.
BBC Radio 1’s Chris Stark takes a journey from complete outsider with no idea about Hardcore or Destructive Tendencies, to standing on the main stage as the guys performed, saying in his own words: "I don’t know how to put into words what just happened! (...) Coming to this festival and getting involved in this hardcore scene is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had!"

Not only did Radio 1 follow the guys round for the day, but their main stage album showcase was voted the number 1 moment of the entire festival by respected industry harder styles blog “Alive At Night”

2016 is being crowned with their monumental debut album "Slaves To The Darkness"
This ambitious project, released on Hardcore Blasters is a blistering 2 CD combination of harder styles from 160bpm right through to 220bpm! With brand new original tracks, updated remixes and a collaboration list that reads like a who’s who of the world’s Harder Styles, this album is set to catapult the guys to even greater success!

With an ever increasing tour schedule that sees the boys play across the globe every single weekend, it is fair to say that the Destructive Tendencies story is just beginning to unfold...

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